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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Children's Studies?

A new approach to studying children and childhood globally and reflectively from the perspectives of various disciplines through the following set of shared principles:

  • Childhood should be studied in its own right
  • Children should be the units of observation rather than families or schools
  • Children should talk about their own experiences
  • Childhood should be seen as part of the social structure
  • Children should be studied in the present as well as in relation to their future as adults
  • Childhood should be seen in an intergenerational context
  • Individuals studying children should be looking open-mindedly for new theoretical and methodological developments

What is unique about the program?

Our program provides students with opportunities to learn and further their education in a variety of settings. Students can study all of our options on the Cheney campus, study options A & B with almost completely online major course work, and study option C on the Bellevue campus.  Furthermore, our interdisciplinary foundation has grown into a set of Children Studies course work that provides students with a holistic approach to understanding children's lives and experiences. This approach enables students to develop a "tool box" of skills that allows them, as graduates, to work with a variety of children in different settings and situations. Finally, each option has been created to provide students with a clear path and direction onto a career working with children.

What are some career opportunities?

Each week we highlight a different career path on our Facebook page!

The major has options: early childhood education, community program development and research.  Students completing a degree in Children's Studies might consider careers such as:

  • Education
    • Lab schoolteacher at community colleges
    • After-school program director
    • Children's museum staff
    • Community recreation program staff
    • County extension specialist
    • Researcher
      1. Social Services
          • Youth shelter worker
          • Facility provider for at-risk children
          • Adoption counselor
          • Parent and family support
          • Family Literacy
          • Childcare licenser
          • Foster care supervisor
          1. Legal
            • Juvenile justice worker
            • Family mediation (Court)
            • Policy analyst
            1. Health  
              • Child life specialist
              • Child health worker
              • Early interventionist

              What is the focus of the curriculum?

              The interdisciplinary Children's Studies major provides students a strong holistic background in the study of the development and learning of children, from birth to adolescence, in a variety of social contexts. Theory and practice from the disciplines of  psychology, and education, form the foundation for this integrated curriculum. The Children's Studies major will fulfill partial requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

              The core courses required by all students focuses on:

              • What is Children Studies
              • How to conduct/analyze research related to children
              • Children's rights
              • The basics for working with children
              •  Understanding the development of children.

              Each option includes it's own set of required courses specific to that field.

              What are the admission requirements for the program?

              Completion of a high school (or equivalent) degree is required for admission to EWU.  Students considering a major in Children Studies are required to take two years of a single foreign language in high school, or one year of a single college-level foreign language.
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