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Indian Studies Minor

The American Indian Studies Program (AISP) offers a minor in Indian studies (IDST). Additional curricula, currently being designed to accompany the minor, supports American Indian histories, philosophies, languages and experiences as they exist, and as they have existed within Indian cultures. Although this internalized view of the body of spiritual and intellectual knowledge of the Native Peoples of the Americas has rarely been considered an integral part of America, Eastern's AISP offers curriculum designed to:

  • prepare students for professional employment within their Indian nations,
  • offer an appropriate support apparatus for Indian students who wish to enter any of the major disciplines, and
  • develop important course work to meet the intellectual aspirations of all Americans and the wider society.

What will I study?

Required courses (10 credits)

IDST 101 Introduction to Indian Studies (5)
IDST 321 Contemporary Indian Issues (5)

Select two courses from the following: (7-10 credits)

IDST 121 Introduction to Federal Indian Policy (4)
IDST 201, 202, 203 Salish Language and Culture I, II, III (5 each)
IDST 320 Indian Wars Past and Present (5)
IDST 380 Survey of Native American Literatures (5)
IDST 421 Federal Indian Law and Policy I (5)
IDST 422 Federal Indian Law and Policy II (5)
IDST 496 Tribal Economic Development Problems (4)
IDST 498 Contemporary Indigenous Women and Their Roles in Struggles for National Liberation (5)
IDST 498 Indian Boarding Schools (3)
IDST 498 Indian Cinema (3)

Expansion of IDST will include offering language, cultural, policy and education courses.

Interesting courses I might take:

  • IDST 201, 202, 203 - Salish Language and Culture I, II, III - These courses are the beginning courses in Salish language and culture, focusing on the nselxcin dialect traditionally spoken by the aboriginal people of the northern areas of central and eastern Washington as well as southern British Columbia. Students will learn to speak and understand basic Salish vocabulary and phrases and will be introduced to the International Phonetic Alphabet as applied to nselxcin.
  • IDST 330 - Indian Wars: Past and Present - The focus of this course is Indian wars of the Pacific Northwest during the first stages of white conquest. It will also include the study of contemporary Native American political and social struggles.
  • IDST 498 - Contemporary Indigenous Women and Their Roles in Struggles for National Liberation - This course is designed to introduce students to the role of indigenous women in the struggles for national self‑determination from a historical/cultural/spiritual/political context. Historically, indigenous women have always played a very prominent and powerful role within all spheres of indigenous social/political/cultural and economic issues affecting indigenous nations from a contemporary context. The breadth and scope of this course will examine indigenous nations such as the Lakota/Dakota, Kanienkehaka (Mohawk), Spokane, Micmaug, Mayan and native Hawaiian.
  • IDST 498 - Native American Framework For College Success - This course will inform students about various campus resources while helping them to construct a framework for maneuvering in higher education.
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