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Africana Studies Minor

Students will gain an understanding of the African American experience from an African-centered perspective. Africana Studies can benefit graduates planning careers in professions where contact with marginalized groups or 

ethnic communities are extensive, such as education, counseling, social services, medicine, government and many other fields that require a diverse understanding. Students considering this minor should contact the director of Africana Studies.

Africana Studies (20 Credits)

This minor may be acquired entirely online or combined with on-campus courses.

Signatures are not required if you are only declaring a minor after you have declared your major.

Required Courses Offered Online (10 credits)
AAST 214 African American Culture and Expressions (5)

AAST 220 African American History: Post Civil War to Present (5)

AAST 222 African American Economics (5)

Elective Courses Offered Online (10 credits)
AAST 315 African History: Ancient Africa to Mandela (5)

AAST 320 African American Family (5)

AAST 375 African American Cinema (5)

AAST 430 African American Women's History (5)

For more information about the minor, please visit the EWU Minor in Africana Studies catalog page. To determine if a course is offered, visit EagleNET.

What will I study?

Africana Studies courses are designed to provide understanding and appreciation of the African Diaspora both as it has unfolded over time and as it is currently manifested. The program uses the Afrocentric world view as the philosophical basis for the presentation of its courses. The Africana Studies Program cross-lists with some courses offered through other EWU colleges such as History, Women & Gender Studies, Social Work and Sociology.

Interesting courses I might take:

  • AAST 214. AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE AND EXPRESSIONS. (5 Credits) Required for minor. Cross-listed: HONS 214, HUMN 214. Satisfies: cultural and gender diversity university graduation requirement. An interdisciplinary survey of African American culture beginning with ancient African history and traditions through contemporary issues in the African American experience. Attention given to basic principles of history, sociology, political science, economics and the arts in the study of the dynamics of the African American culture.
  • AAST 215. EARLY AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY: ANCIENT AFRICA TO THE END OF THE RECONSTRUCTION 1877. (5 Credits) Cross-listed: HONS 215, HIST 215. Satisfies: cultural and gender diversity university graduation requirement. Examines the African American experience from African civilizations in the 4th century AD through slavery to the end of the Reconstruction era in the United States.
  • AAST 220. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY: POST CIVIL WAR TO PRESENT. (5 Credits) Cross-listed: HONS 220, HIST 220. Satisfies: the GECR for social sciences, list 3, history. The study of American history from the perspective of the African American experience since the end of the Reconstruction period.
  • AAST 315. AFRICAN HISTORY: ANCIENT AFRICA TO MANDELA. (5 Credits) Cross-listed: HIST 315, HONS 315. Satisfies: international studies university graduation requirement. A survey of African history from prehistory to the present. Emphasizes earlier African civilizations, extensive contact with the outside world and the formation of African nations.
  • AAST 320. AFRICAN AMERICAN FAMILY. (5 Credits) Cross-listed: SOCI 371, SOWK 320. The African American Family as a social system influenced by institutions of the larger American society.
  • AAST 375. AFRICAN AMERICAN CINEMA: 1915–1990. (5 Credits) African American cinema explores the history of African Americans in films, focusing particularly on Hollywood's representations of Blacks in feature length films. The course examines such issues as the representations of race, gender, and sexuality through observing and discussing feature films in class. Great emphasis will be placed on critical viewing, thinking, analyzing and writing about films. Ultimately, the course will not only investigate Hollywood's representations of African Americans, but also will examine the struggle and emergence of independent, African American produced films which offer a separate and unique voice that not only challenges Hollywood's representations, but also expresses themes involving cultural identity.
  • AAST 430. AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN'S HISTORY. (5 Credits) Cross-listed: WMST 430. Pre-requisites: ENGL 201. This course examines historical writings by and about Black women, discussing slavery, lynching, combating prejudices and encouraging racial pride to provide a framework that will deepen understanding of the topic.
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