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Africana Studies Program

Mission of the Africana Studies program

The Africana Studies Program at EWU is committed to student success. As such, Africana Studies provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that allows students to critically explore, analyze and interpret the experience of African Americans in particular, and other people of African descent in general. The minor in Africana Studies helps to prepare EWU students to be broadly educated, articulate, critical thinkers ready to pursue meaningful careers as engaged citizens in a culturally diverse world. The Africana Studies program seeks to:

  • Offer an intellectually rigorous, comprehensive and holistic academic curriculum that critically examines, analyzes and describes the diverse experiences of people of African descent
  • Expose all students to the complexity and richness of the African American experience
  • Collaborate with departments and programs to offer all students academic enrichment outside the traditional classroom
  • Provide students with chances for research and exploration that acts as a spring board for increasing the life chances and opportunities of people of African descent in particular and all people in general
  • Mentor and provide role models for students of African descent
  • Create opportunities for students to interact with scholars involved in the African American/Africana Studies multidisciplinary enterprise
  • Offer faculty and staff opportunities for fellowship, mentoring and cultural support
  • Offer programs/events to connect the university with he local community partners and alumni
Advising Services for Students

In addition to the university's general services, Africana Studies advising services provide academic, personal and career advising. Our faculty advisers are sensitive to the concerns African American and African students may have about a predominantly white school.

Africana Studies faculty advisers aid students with course selections, career advice and steer them toward required courses for their degrees and planned professions. New incoming students are especially encouraged to contact Africana Studies Director before registering for classes.

Africana Studies Scholarships

African Studies awards a number of scholarships for Eastern's students. The awards are in addition to other university wide scholarships.

What are the degree options?

Africana Curriculum

ASP offers an Africana studies curriculum as part of Eastern's liberal arts program and cultural diversity requirements for a BA/BS degree. Africana studies courses provide understanding and appreciation of the universal African diaspora today and historically from an Afrocentric world view. They also give students the opportunity to evaluate the influence of African culture on the entire human civilization.

All Eastern students are encouraged to take Africana studies courses. Many courses are cross-listed with other departments such as history, English and art.

Africana Studies Minor

Students taking a minimum of 20 credit hours in Africana studies are qualified to declare a minor in Africana studies. We advise students to consult an Africana Studies adviser or the director regarding their selection of courses for this minor. Students interested in the Africana Studies minor may also be interested in the Race and Culture Studies major.

What can I do with my degree?

The greatest job skills you can acquire through a liberal arts education are  cultural sensitivity,  cultural intelligence and overall "people skills." Learning how to work with diverse groups of people is essential to success.  The knowledge and skills you gain through a minor in Africana Studies will open career doors for you in government and state agencies, community social service agencies, educational institutions, community organizing, foreign service departments, labor unions, law firms, hospitals, and research organizations.

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