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Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies program is designed for persons who have completed a bachelor or master's degree with a background in social work, psychology, or a related field and are interested in obtaining coursework that can lead to certification as a Chemical Dependency Professional in Washington state. Students without a background in social work, mental health, or related field may need to complete additional coursework to qualify for state certification. 

Addiction Studies provides competency-based education to degreed professionals and others preparing to work in the field of addiction treatment or other community-based practice settings.

The Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies courses are all offered ONLINE.

Financial Aid is available for this certificate program! 

Addiction Studies faculty and staff are available for personal academic advising for prospective and/or current students. Please contact us at for additional information. 

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What will I study?

Required Courses

ADST 501: Relapse Prevention (2cr) 

ADST 504: Adolescent Addiction Assessment & Treatment (4cr) 

ADST 512: Pharmacological Actions of Alcohol & Other Drugs (4cr) 

ADST 520: Case Management (4cr) 

ADST 530: Addiction Treatment w/Families & Diverse Populations (4cr) 

ADST 535: Law& Ethics for Addiction Professionals (4cr) 

ADST 542: Screening & Assessment of Co-Occurring Disorders (4cr) 

ADST 544: Treating Co-Occurring Disorders (4cr) 

Total Certificate: 30 Credits 

Additional coursework may be required for state certification as a Chemical Dependency Professional.

Students not currently working in a treatment agency may benefit from the practicum experience. Practicum hours may count toward state required hours for certification. 

Optional Practicum: 

ADST 595 Practicum I (2cr) 

ADST 695 Practicum II (2cr) 



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