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The Courage to Let Your Heart Break - Mindfulness and Compassion across Culture and Time - Dr. Russell Kolts, PhD, Psychology

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Date and Time

November 18, 2014 Noon - 1:30 pm


Walter and Myrtle Powers Reading Room - Hargreaves Hall - Cheney Campus


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Event Details

Across the centuries, poets and mystics alike have recognized
that the key to reducing suffering isn't to be found in
avoiding the inevitable pain of life, but in learning helpful
ways to relate to it. Some of the most potent ways to do this
involve developing mindful awareness and purposefully
cultivating compassion.  A growing body of psychological
research supports the role of such practices in building
happy, healthy lives, and even in developing parts of the
brain that help us regulate emotions and have good relationships
Drawing upon global influences from India, Tibet, and the Middle East,
Professor Kolts will explore how these practices can be applied in
pursuing emotional wellbeing in the modern world. The presentation
will feature experiential exercises to acquaint audience members
with these practices and give them a head-start toward using

them in their own lives.

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