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Class of 2014 before Commencement

Application deadline:December 3, 2018 for matriculation in the Fall of 2019.  

Applications for admission into the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, please go to: .  

EWU DPT Supplemental Application is our Graduate Studies Application  and will be available July 1, 1018.  the fees for the application are subject to change without notice.  

To prepare for essay questions on our Supplemental Application please visit the Professionalism webpage

GRE Code for PTCAS is 3789. Deadline to take the GRE is  November 1, 2018.  We have a minimum GRE writing score of a 4.0.  There is no minimum score on the other sections.

Please don't send your transcripts to EWU until you are admitted to the program.

The recommendations will be entered online through .  If you have used all available recommendations through PTCAS, please contact Jenna McDonald (509-828-1354) to request an additional form. She will email one to you for your reviewer to use.  Have your reviewer send the reference form and letter directly to EWU at the Department of Physical Therapy 310 N Riverpoint Blvd.  Box T  Spokane, WA  99202-0002

Once an applicant has been notified of acceptance into the DPT program, a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $500 will be required to reserve a place in the program. This deposit will be applied to the first quarter's tuition.

As a student who is considering a career in a health services field, you should familiarize yourself with the licensing and other legal requirements that may be required for you to obtain an internship during the program or licensure following successful completion of your degree.  Washington State (RCW 43.43.830 et.seq ) businesses and organizations are required to conduct criminal background checks of prospective employees or volunteers who may have unsupervised access to children under sixteen years of age or developmentally disabled persons or vulnerable adults during the course of their employment or involvement with the business or organization.  A disqualifying conviction will prevent employment or a clinical internship.  

Our acceptance rate is 10-15%.

Thank you again for your interest in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Eastern Washington University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your average incoming students statistics?

  • Average Overall GPA 3.86 the range is 3.52 - 4.0
  • Average Prerequisite GPA 3.89 the range is 3.58- 4.0
  • Average GRE Verbal score 73% the range is 41%  to 96%
  • Average GRE Quantitative score 61% the range is 32% to 88%
  • Required minimum GRE Writing score is 4.0 
  • In-state 43%  out-of-state 56%
  • Acceptance rate is 10-15%
  • Matriculation rates vary yearly based on the ratio of in-state to out-of -state applicants

Q.  Do you participate in PTCAS early decision?  

Yes!  Please check with PTCAS for the dates for this next cycle.

Q. What do you base your decisions for admissions on?  

Admission to the Physical Therapy program is based not only on academic achievement, but also on non-academic factors which ensure that candidates can complete the essential functions  of the academic program required for graduation.

Q. What is weighted most heavily on my application?  

After it is determined that the application is complete and meets minimum qualifications, faculty want to be sure an applicant can make it through our rigerous academic portion of the program.  The initial review of applications is looking for students who have proved themselves academically through grades and exam scores.  Following that, they look for students who can succed in the clinical environment.  They look for indications of profesionalism, approproiate behavior, community service and indications of a well rounded person. During the processing phase of our recruitment; applications are evaluated and rated on the following criteria:

  • Overall GPA
  • prerequisite GPA
  • letters of recommendation
  • Activities and Community Service
  • GRE scores  (PTCAS GRE CODE 3789)

Q. Can my undergraduate transcripts be evaluated for prerequisites before I apply?

We do not evaluate course work or transcripts for admission eligibility prior to application. You may direct  individual questions to Jenna McDonald,

Q. Do I have to apply to the graduate school as well as the Physical Therapy Program?

You must apply to the Graduate Studies Office and to the Physical Therapy Program. Applications are available through PTCAS after July 1, and from the Graduate Studies Office. 

Q. Do you have a preference for in-state vs. out-of-state applicants?

There is no preference given to acceptance of in-state vs. out-of-state applicants. Students currently or previously enrolled at Eastern do not receive any preferential treatment as applicants to the Physical Therapy Program.

Q. Is community college credit accepted in prerequisite courses?

 Lower division (100 and 200 level) prerequisite courses taken at community colleges are accepted for all prerequisites listed, with the exception of the two biology prerequisites specifically designated "300 level or above." These must be completed at a four-year institution.

Q. How are my grades calculated if I retake a course?

 Students applying for admission to the DPT program will undergo the following treatment of prerequisite courses that have been retaken: When a course is repeated (an identical course), the grades of each of the two courses will be averaged for a grade for that particular prerequisite. The averaged grade will then be used to calculate the overall prerequisite GPA.

Q. Are classes other than Biology and Zoology accepted as prerequisites?

Certain courses taken in departments other than biology or zoology may fulfill specific biology prerequisites They are typically offered through exercise science programs.

Q. Can classes be taken on a part-time basis for a DPT?

 The DPT Program cannot be attended on a part-time basis. It is a full-time, sequentially structured program. Students enter the program in September. The program spans 11 consecutive quarters.

QCan I transfer into your Physical Therapy Program from another DPT Program at a different University? 

No.  The EWU Doctor of Physical Therapy Program does not accept students who wish to transfer into the program from another DPT program.  Students who wish to complete their DPT education at EWU are encouraged to apply for admission to the program according to the application process, and if accepted, will matriculate at the beginning of the program.   Rationale: Doctor of Physical Therapy curricula vary widely in terms of content, order, and timing; it is therefore difficult to assess the didactic and clinical expertise of a student who wishes to transfer into the program and receive some credit for DPT courses already completed at another institution.

Q. Where are clinical education internships located?

Institutions for the clinical experiences are varied and include, but are not limited to, facilities in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii and Nebraska.

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