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Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration with Long Term Care Option

The long term care option is designed for students interested in a career in nursing home administration, assisted living, and other types of residential and long term care. This program is designed to meet the criteria identified by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) and the Washington State Department of Health Nursing Home Administrator license requirements. NAB is the national accrediting body for long-term care educational programs. Where possible, Administrator-in-Training (AIT) programs will be used in conjunction with the practicum.  AIT programs tend to be 1 year in length. Competencies to be demonstrated in this program are in the following areas: Resident Care and Quality of Life, Human Resources, Finance, Physical Environment and Atmosphere and Leadership and Management. Students in this option are required to complete 8 credits pertaining to the aging population. AGST 310 Multidisciplinary Studies in Aging (5 credits) is strongly recommended. Other options are AGST 455 Social Policy and Programs in Aging (3 credits) and BIOL 343 Biology of Aging (3 credits). Other classes may be found in the university course catalog and must be approved by the program director prior to being taken. The GPA requirements for the program are as stated for the HSAD program. 

Professional Membership Requirements All students in the program must be a student member in a professional organization at least by their senior year. Students in the long term care option are strongly encouraged to join the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA).

Work Experience Requirements It is strongly advised that all students seek as much practical experience as possible, whether voluntary or paid. Long term care is in settings that require 24 hour service and support. Familiarity with the demands of this type of workplace is important in choosing this as a career path.

Student Learning Outcomes- students will:

  • Demonstrate effective written, oral and presentation communication skills for long term care
  • Apply the 5 core competencies in long term care settings: Resident Care and Quality of Life, Human Resources, Finance, Physical Environment and Atmosphere and Leadership and Management
  • Manage projects in long term care settings
  • Integrate the 5 core competencies in a long term care setting in a 1000 hour practicum  

What will I study?

Required Courses (120 credits):

ACCT 251 Principles of Financial Accounting (5)
ACCT 252 Principles of Managerial Accounting (4)
BUED 302 Business Communication (4)
DSCI 245 Data Analysis for Business (4)
ECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics (5)
ECON 452 Health Economics (5)
HLED 256 Medical Terminology (2)
   or OCTH 292 Foundations of Documentation and Medical Terminology (2)
HSAD 300 Health Care Organization and Administration (4)
HSAD 310 Health Care Supervision (4)
HSAD 315 Seminar on Professional Development (1)
HSAD 322 Health Care Technology (4)
HSAD 410 Health Law, Regulation, and Ethics (4)
HSAD 435 Process Improvement in Health Care (4)
   or OPSM 330 Operations Management (4)
HSAD 440 Health Care Research Design and Methods (4)
HSAD 445 Population Health Management (4)
HSAD 460 Long Term Care Administration (4)
HSAD 470 Healthcare Finance (4)
HSAD 480 Long Term Care Facilities Management (2)
HSAD 486, 487, and 488 Long Term Care Practicum (24 total)
HSAD 490 Senior Capstone: The Impact of Culture, Gender and Race on Health (4)
HUMR 328 Human Resource Management (4)
MISC 211 Information Technology in Business (4)
MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing (4)
PLAN 424 Strategic Planning (4)  

Aging Track (8 credit minimum)
Courses to be chosen with approval of HSAD Program Director  

Minimum total credits for above major: 120

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