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Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration

The Health Services Administration Program is offered by the College of Health Science and Public Health. This Interdisciplinary program is designed for students interested in a variety of careers in the field of health services administration. Positions are with long term care facilities, health maintenance organizations, health insurance companies, home health agencies, mental health agencies, physician practices, health departments, various regulatory agencies and community-based agencies among others. Responsibilities carried out by health managers/administrators include: budgeting/financial management, planning, human resource management, data analysis, marketing, physician relations and administration.

The required courses are in the areas of health services administration, business, health and economics. In addition, the program requires that the student complete a track or a minor in a specific sub-specialty. Examples of tracks include: aging, social work, planning, human resource management and information technology. Students must have approval of the program advisor for track or minor chosen and courses selected. HSAD students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA for all HSAD classes and no more than two course grades may be below 3.0. Students earning three or more grades of less than 3.0 in HSAD courses will be dismissed from the program. The culmination of the student's experience in the program will be an internship in a health care setting. To qualify for the internship, the student must have at least a 3.0 grade point average in HSAD classes plus permission from the department.

Students in the Health Services Administration Program must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 2.25 and not less than a 2.0 in any given course. Also, students must complete one year of a foreign language, such as Spanish or sign language in college or two years of a single high school foreign language.

Upon acceptance to the program students must complete at least 92 credit hours. Students choosing to minor in health services must complete 20 credit hours. Courses are offered on an every other year basis and students should check with the program director and class schedule each quarter.

Professional Membership Requirements: Every student graduating in Health Services Administration must be a student member of a professional organization at least by their senior year.

Work Experience Requirements: It is strongly advised that all students seek as much practical experience as possible, whether voluntary or paid. Students are urged to consult with their advisors in order to plan their program.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Focus on 5 core healthcare competency areas - communication & relationship mangement, professionalism, leadership, knowledge of  the healthcare environment and business skills and knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate effective written, oral and presentation communication skills in a healthcare setting.
  3. Apply the five core healthcare competencies in healthcare settings
  4. Problem solve in a variety of situation in healthcare settings
  5. Integrate the five core healthcare competencies in an internship in a healthcare setting.

What will I study?

Required Health Service Administration Course List (84-85 credits)

It is expected you will have completed the following courses prior to declaring HSAD as your Major: Direct Transfer Agreement and/or Computer Literacy Requirements, ENGL 201, ECON 200, MATH 200, General Education Core Requirements, Foreign Language Requirement, International Studies Course, and a Gender/Cultural Diversity Course

ACCT 251 Principles of Financial Accounting (5)

ACCT 252 Principles of Managerial Accounting (4)

BUED 302 Business Communication (4)

DSCI 245 Data Analysis for Business (4)

ECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics (5)

ECON 452 Health Economics (5)

HLED 256 Medical Terminology (2)

or OCTH 292 (3)

HSAD 300 Health Care Organization and Administration (4)

HSAD 310 Health Care Supervision (4)

HSAD 315 Seminar on Professional Development (1)

HSAD 322 Health Care Technology (4)

HSAD 410 Health Law, Regulation and Ethics (4)

HSAD 435 Process Improvement in Health Care (4)

or OPSM 330 Operations Management (4)

HSAD 440 Health Care Research Design and Methods (4)

HSAD 445 Population Health Management (4)

HSAD 470 Healthcare Finance (4)

HSAD 490 Senior Capstone: The Impact of Culture, Gender and Race on Health (4)

HSAD 495 Internship (5)

HUMR 328 Human Resource Management (4)

MISC 211 Information Technology in Business (4)

MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing (4)

Plan 424 Strategic Planning (4)

Track or minor (8 credits minimum)

Courses to be selected with approval of Health Services Administration Advisor

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