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  • For Cheney campus tours please call the Admissions Office at 509.359.2397 (at least one week in advance of your planned arrival).
  • For tours of the dental hygiene department (which is located on the Spokane campus), please call 509.828.1317 (at least one week in advance of your planned arrival).
  • Kasey Clark
    Kasey Clark
    Program Specialist II

    Master's Of Science in Dental Hygiene Related Inquiries

    Degree Completion in Dental Hygiene Inquiries (online)

    Entry Level Dental Hygiene Program Inquiries (Face to Face)

    General Undergraduate Advising Questions should be sent to Undergraduate Advising at 509.359.2345 or email

    Please visit their website at

  • Dental Hygiene Client (Patient) Contact
    Dental Hygiene Client (Patient) Contact
    New Clients (Patients)/ Existing Clients (Patients)
    310 N. Riverpoint Blvd., #160
    Phone: 509.828.1300
    Fax: 509.828.1283
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