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Urban and Regional Planning, Graduate Program
668 N. Riverpoint Blvd, Suite A
Spokane, WA 99202
phone: 509.828.1230
fax: 509.828.1275

URP Strategic Plan

Eastern Washington University
Urban and Regional Planning Program
Strategic Plan Adopted April 10, 2015    

The Vision for our planning programs is: Our graduates are leaders of the planning profession and guides to sustainable futures.  

Core Values:  

1.      We take pride in over 50 years (since 1968) of community-based research and community-service learning.  
2.      We focus on problem solving at the local scale.  
3.      We value and promote diversity.
4.      We seek to address global understanding recognizing the need for local actions.  
5.      We take pride in our alumni who shape and influence the future of our region as professional planners and community builders.  

Mission: The mission of the Urban and Regional Planning Programs at EWU is to provide quality professional planning education, research, and community service with an emphasis on problem solving at the local level.  

Program Goals:   
1.      Provide a quality applied professional planning education for both graduate and undergraduate students.
2.     Actively recruit excellent, diverse students.
3.     Disseminate high-quality, meaningful, and timely research to the academic professional, and governmental communities.
4.     Maintain the department's long tradition of providing community service to local communities.
5.     Develop and maintain a qualified and diverse faculty and staff.
6.     Work closely with professional planning organizations to support and develop ongoing educational opportunities, services, and programs.
7.     Maintain sound administrative procedures and practices.

Full listing of Master Goals, Strategic Directions, Priorities, and Benchmarks

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