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Urban and Regional Planning, Graduate Program
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Tribal Planning and the Executive Tribal Planning Graduate Certificate

Tribal Planning at Eastern Washington University

Tribal Planning at EWU is not simply applying Anglo (non-Indian) planning to tribal lands and government. Instead, it is based on students understanding the unique status and powers of American Indian tribal governments through a knowledge of tribal sovereignty, and the dynamics and complexity of strategic planning-policy analysis, management, and community-building, in addition to providing all basic skills of contemporary urban and community planning. The Tribal Comprehensive Plan is envisioned and presented as a key to Tribal Planning, and includes all elements of an Anglo Comprehensive Plan, plus additional elements to address issues and concerns of American Indian peoples and each tribe's specific culture and history.

The coursework and curricula in tribal planning is offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level, along with workshops, training sessions, applied research and planning projects working with tribes across the region. Tribal planning classes include standard lectures, readings, and presentations, but incorporate tribal planners and elected tribal officials and staff from nearby tribal governments, and generally include field research or plan-making applied to a specific tribe. The Executive Tribal Planning Certificate is a 23 credit curriculum designed for professional planners and tribal planners to understand and address the needs for tribal planning within Indian Country.

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