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Public Management Development Certificates

The Public Management Development Certificates Program is available to students who are interested in engaging in study in public administration but not in commitment to an entire MPA program. Both a basic certificate (16 credits) and an advanced certificate (36 credits) are available.

Course offerings within the basic program provide an introduction to the concepts and skills associated with public sector administrative responsibilities. The advanced certificate program permits further development in the fundamentals of public sector management. Admission to the certificate program is upon the same basis as is admission to the MPA program.


What will I study?

Students who wish obtain a Public Management Development Certificate must successfully complete one of the following two options:

Basic Certificate (16 credits)
PADM 501 Research Tools of the Administrator (4)
PADM 503 Concepts & Values of Public Service (4)
PADM 509 Public Personnel Management (4)
PADM 511 Public Sector Organization Theory (4)

Advanced Certificate (36 credits)
All of the Basic Certificate courses (16)
PADM 505 Public Policy Cycles (4)
PADM 507 Public Policy Analysis (4)
PADM 513 Public Planning and Budgeting (4)
PADM 515 Administrative Law and Regulations (4)
PADM 517 Professional Employment (1)
Approved Electives (3)

For more information on the Public Management Development Certificate courses, please contact:

Ning Li, Ph.D.
Professor and MPA Director
Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
Phone: 509.828.1264



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