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Dual Degree: Master of Public Administration and Master of Business Administration

A dual-degree program with the Eastern Washington University Master of Business Administration is available through which one can obtain both an MPA degree and an MBA degree. In this program of study, required courses for one degree program serve as elective courses in the second program, thereby reducing the number of credits required for each of the degrees.

Any student interested in this dual degree must apply and be admitted to both the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Business Administration Programs. Individuals who have already started one of the two master's programs can work toward the MPA/MBA by qualifying for admission to the other program.

Students must complete 80 credit hours of coursework in addition to those background courses which are prerequisite to either graduate degree program. The average progress requires about eight quarters of full-time study to complete both degrees.

Download the MPA/MBA Dual Degree Flyer.

What will I study?

For more information, please contact:

Ning Li, Ph.D.
Professor and MPA Director
Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
Phone: 509.828.1264

Lorene Winters
Program Coordinator
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
College of Business and Public Administration
Telephone: 509.828.1232

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