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Public Administration (MPA)

The Master of Public Administration (MPA)  Program is designed to provide widely varied educational opportunities in the fields of public and not-for-profit management. Graduate study opportunities are available for those currently employed as well as for recent graduates seeking a career in the public service. Both full-time and part-time study programs are available on a degree and non-degree basis.

Students are encouraged to become aware of the public service environment, the values that guide public service and the critical and analytical skills necessary to formulate, implement and evaluate public service decisions.

Program faculty, all of whom hold doctoral degrees and have public service management experience, have been selected from the several academic areas most pertinent to public sector applications. Adjunct faculty are highly trained, qualified and experienced academics and practitioners.


The MPA Program is accredited by the NASPAA Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation and listed on the Annual Roster of Accredited Programs in conformity with NASPAA standards. 


What are the degree options?

  • The College of Business and Public Administration offers the following Public Administration degrees:
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Advanced Standing Masters of Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration with Health Service Administration Specialization
  • Public Management Development Certificates Program
  • Dual Masters degrees include:
  • Master of Public Administration/Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Public Administration/Master of Social Work
  • Master of Public Adminsitration/Master of Urban and Regional Planning

What can I do with my degree?

Our graduates go into a wide variety of careers. A survey of graduates from the 2017-2018 academic year found that 56% of our graduates went to work (or continued working) at some level of government: 33% state, provincial, or regional (including state universities); 17% city, county or other local government; 6% foreign government; 22% went into the non-profit sector, while 11% went into the private sector. Seven percent entered or remained in the US Military. 

The majority of students in the MPA program are in-service students. As such, according the most recent alumni survey, 38% continued in the jobs held before enrollment. 8% obtained a job before graduation, while 8% were employed within 3 months. 15% were employed within 4-6 months of graduation and another 15% within 7-12 months. Only 8% have not obtained a job since graduating.

Post Graduation Employment Statistics
Academic Year 2017-2018

Employment Type Number of Students
Employed in this Profession
National or Central Government
In the same country as program
State, Provincial, or Regional Govt
in the same country as program
City, County, or other Local Govt
in the same country as program
All Level Government not
in the same country as program
Nonprofit Domestic Oriented 4
Internationally oriented
Private Sector - 
Private Sector - 
Not research/consulting
Obtaining further Education 1
Military Service 1
Not seeking employment
Seeking employment

How long does it take to graduate?

This depends on whether one is a full-time or part-time student. 20-25% of our students complete the program within 18 months and 50% graduate within 36 months. Some students requrie more time, for one is allowed to take up to 6 years to complete the program. 

Graduation Statistics

Initially Enrolled Graduated 100%
of Degree
Program Length
Graduated 150%
of Degree
Program Length
Graduated 200%
of Degree
Program Length

Total Number of
Students in the
ARY-5 Cohort

23 12 17 18

How much will it cost?

Tuition Type Per credit Full-time                   (10-18 Credits) Add'l fee over 18 credits, per credit
Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resdient
Undergraduate $212.70 $783.40 $2,126.97 $7,833.96 $190.00 $761.16
Graduate $381.31 $885.63 $3,813.08 $8,856.27 $359.84 $864.36
Note: Part-Time students are charged for a minimum of two credits.


For more information, visit the Student Financial Services page.

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