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Academic Standards
​MPAcc students must maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0 at all times. Students who fall below a 3.0 are notified by the Graduate Studies Office that they are on probation. These graduate students will be allowed one quarter's study to restore their cumulative GPA to at least the 3.0 level. The MPAcc Curriculum Committee may extend this probationary period by one quarter when they deem that such an extension is warranted by special circumstances. Those students who are unable to restore their cumulative GPA to at least a​ 3.0 in this additional quarter of probation will be terminated from the program.

No course grade of below a​ C may count toward the MPAcc degree. Only two course grades may be below a​ B. Students who have more than two grades of below a​​ B are subject to dismissal from the program and will be notified. Students who are dismissed for academic reasons may appeal to the MPAcc Curriculum Committee. The committee may allow students to repeat up to two courses in which they earn a grade of below a​​ B. The average of the original grade and the grade earned by repeating the course must be at least a​ B. A course may only be repeated once. If the average grade is still less than a​​ B, not further remedy is available and the average grade counts.

With readmission granted through appeal, students must maintain these same academic standards; however, if they again fall below these standards they will be dismissed and no further remedy will be available to them. Students who are not recommended for continuation must wait one year to reapply for admission to Graduate Studies.

Students are expected to successfully complete courses for which they register. Thus, the record of students with more than two W (withdrawal) or X (incomplete) course grades will be reviewed, with termination from the program as a possible consequence.

Other graduate academic requirements are set forth in the Graduate Studies Academic Policies section of this catalog. Entering MPAcc students are also provided this information during the orientation process.

In the event that a student is dismissed from the program twice as a result of these rules, readmission will not be permitted.

Students have the right to appeal to the MPAcc Curriculum Committee on actions taken under these grade standards and the probation process. According to the university policy, students also have the right to appeal individual course grades.

Advancement to Degree Candidacy, Graduation Application, Graduation GPA, and Other Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures
​Eastern Washington University's graduate student requirements must be met for all Eastern graduate degrees to be granted. Refer to the Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures.

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