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Program goals & values

"Focusing on the region - open to the world."

Who are we?

Our graduates are:

Ethically sensitive decision-makers well versed in best practices of their chosen professions, and ready to perform in the global environment. They are excellent communicators, adept at using the most current communication technology, and are attuned to cultural sensitivities; they are prepared to work in their local environment, their region and in the global environment.

Our students, faculty and staff are:

Culturally diverse and we promote a climate that builds positive awareness of ideas and perspectives related to cultural diversity. Our faculty and students value ethical conduct and professionalism and maintain the highest academic standards.

What are our strategic goals? 

  • Provide a learning environment that supports and encourages students to engage in life-long learning.
  • Provide an atmosphere that fosters academic excellence and supports faculty and staff development.
  • Offer programs in the Greater Spokane region, across the state and online that serve the educational needs of current and future students.
  • Expand outreach activities that promote sustainable economic and community development.

What are our desired student learning outcomes?

  • Use relevant theories, concepts, perspectives, and facts to analyze business and economic issues and solve related problems;
  • Apply appropriate technical and quantitative skills related to business;
  • Demonstrate competency in both written and oral business communication skills;
  • Provide leadership and facilitate positive interpersonal business relationships;
  • Incorporate ethical and global considerations into business activities.


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