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Economics (BA & BS)

Economists are interested in the improvement of the material conditions of life.

They study:

  • individual behavior
  • business strategies
  • government policies

Economists strive to determine the best choices possible within the context of specific social or physical constraints. Training in economics addresses the fundamental relationships at the heart of many modern debates.

The study of economics is challenging. It combines training in analytical skills, theoretical models and the contextual analysis of the liberal arts perspective. As students master the study of economic relationships, they will learn how to use theoretical models and factual information, while developing critical thinking and analytical skills. These skills, along with communication skills, are most valued by potential employers.

What are the degree options?

What can I do with my degree?

Economics can be broadly defined as the study of human behaviors aimed at finding solutions to help improve peoples' lives. A degree in economics may be about finance, banking, business or government but it can also be useful to all individuals and can lead to any interesting and fulfilling career choices.

Please watch the video, A career in's much more than you think, presented by the American Economic Association.

The individuals in the video offer insights on how economics can be a tool for solving problems. They provide some interesting perspectives on how they chose economics a career path.

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