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Bachelor of Arts in Education: Business & Marketing Education

The Business and Marketing Education (BME) degree program provides background in accounting, economics, business administration, entrepreneurship, and computer applications in addition to the professional education courses through the Depart of Education. The BME major satisfies the endorsement for grades 5-12. In addition, the program includes all courses and competency requirements for career and technical education (CTE) certification. For career and technical education certification, BME majors are required to have 2,000 hours paid and related work experience within the last six years.

Students completing a Business and Marketing Education major will demonstrate teaching competence through the following five Learning Goals:

  1. Apply integrate the state's Common Core Competencies and 21st century skills in the program implementation and assessment and, in addition, be able to identify the diverse needs of students and implement programs and strategies that promote student competency and success
  2. Create and sustain safe learning environment that prepare diverse students for the workplace, advanced training, and continuing education;
  3. Model personal and professional attributes and leadership skills that reflect productive life and work roles as well as implement and maintain collaborative partnerships with students, colleagues, community, business, industry, and families that maximize resources and promote student self- sufficiency;
  4. Demonstrate competencies in business and marketing instructional methodologies; information technology clusters; information systems management; information processing applications; technical communications; entrepreneurship; marketing; business management; accounting; economics and finance; international business; and business law;
  5. Demonstrate teaching competence in career development, work-site coordination, and integration of leadership development into the curriculum and management.

What will I study?

Business & Marketing Education (BME) Required Courses (72 credits)

ACCT 251 Principles of Financial Accounting (5)

ACCT 261 Business Law (4)

ACCT 351 Intermediate Accounting I (4)

BUED 302 Business Communication (4)

BUED 425 Workplace Communications Using Computer Applications (5)

BUED 470 Introduction to Computer Science for Teachers (4)

BUED 475 Methodologies Used in Business, Accounting, Business English, and Marketing (4)

BUED 476 Instructional Methodologies Using Computer Applications (4)

CTED 301 Philosophy of Career & Technical Education (4)

CTED 474 Administration of Work-Site Learning (4)

DSCI 245 Data Analysis for Business (4)

ECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics (5)

ECON 201 Introduction to Macroeconomics (5)

ENTP 311 Entrepreneurial Behavior (4)

FINC 335 Financial Management (4)

HUMR 328 Human Resource Management (4)

MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing (4)

Business and Marketing Education Course List

Professional Education Requirements/Secondary Education:   43 credits

See the Department of Education for more information. Prerequisites may also apply.

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