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Beta Alpha Psi

What is Beta Alpha Psi?

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is a nationally recognized student organization focusing on Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems.

Member Benefits

  • BAP increases your professional reputation, opening doors to outstanding career opportunities
  • Engaging in BAP activities helps you develop your oral communication skills and interpersonal skills through practice
  • BAP events are opportunities to network and develop friendships with students, professors, faculty and potential employers with common professional interests
  • Bond with fellow students and serve others by volunteering at campus and community service activities
  • View upcoming events here

Elegibility Requirements to Become a Candidate

**If you haven't completed a 300 level course in your major, you are still eligible to join BAP as a candidate. BAP candidates enjoy all of the same benefits as full members, but they do not receive their official certificates of membership until a 300 level major course has been completed**

  • have declared a concentration in accounting, finance, or information systems (or have stated an intention to declare a concentration in accounting, finance, or information systems), 
  • are matriculated students at the chapter university, and;
  • have attained at least a cumulative grade average of 3.0, or
  • have achieved a rank within the top 35% of their university class, or
  • have attained at least a 3.25 cumulative grade average on the most recently completed 45 quarter hours; or
  • have attained an honors distinction utilized by their institution deemed to be equivalent to the above by the BAP Board of Directors 

Steps to Becoming a Member

  1. Submit the Candidate Form
  2. RSVP and attend at least two BAP professional events
  3. RSVP and attend at least one BAP service event
  4. Complete one and one half years of collegiate courses and at least one major course (accounting, finance or information systems corresponding to major area)  beyond the principles or introductory level
  5. Attain a cumulative grade average in upper level courses, in declared area of concentration, beyond the business core of at least 3.0 (where A is equal to 4.0) or the equivalent (for graduate students this GPA should be measured after at least one quarter of academic work)
  6. Pay one-time initiation fee once approved for eligibility 
  7. Pay quarterly dues 

Payment Portal

Click here to access the payment portal. 

Membership Maintenance

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings that consist of professional activities and member meetings
  • Attend a minimum of one BAP volunteer event each quarter
  • Pay a $45 annual membership fee every year after you pledge ($15 per quarter)

For more membership information email

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