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Undergraduate Business Policies

Enrollment Restriction

Business Administration courses numbered 300 and above (with the exception of BUED 302, DSCI 346, MGMT 326, MKTG 310, FINC 335 and OPSM 330) are intended for students who either:
1. are formally admitted to the BAB program or
2. have post-baccalaureate standing and have completed the prerequisite courses or
3. have formally declared majors in another degree program, have completed the prerequisite courses and have the appropriate clearances and class standing, and are taking the course for one of the following reasons:
   a. required for their major;
   b. required for their minor;
   c. fulfills a gecr, or International Studies requirement.

Students are also expected to satisfy course prerequisites as listed in this catalog. Students who do not meet one of the above criteria, or who have not satisfied course prerequisites, will be dropped from the course.
Repeat Policy

Effective Fall Quarter, 2004, the Business Undergraduate program will be enforcing a course repeat policy. This policy limits students to 3 attempts for each requirement for their Business major or minor, including all requirements listed on the Business Administration Core and Business classes required for the major or minor. If a requirement for the major or minor has to be taken 3 times and is not successfully completed with a 2.0 grade by the third attempt, the student will be dropped from the program.

For the full text of the Repeat Policy please click HERE.

Math Requirement

Beginning Fall 2012, Math 200 Finite Math or Math 106 Precalculus II (or Calculus or Business Calculus) will be the required math course for the business program and the required math prerequisite for Dsci 245, Dsci 346, Finc 335, and Opsm 330. Math 115 Math Reasoning will no longer satisfy these requirements.

Exception to this policy: A student who has completed both Math 115 and Dsci 245 (or equivalents) before Fall 2012 will not be required to complete Math 200 to meet the undergraduate business requirement and prerequisites listed above, as long as the student earns a minimum grade of 2.0 in the first graded attempt of Dsci 346, Opsm 330, and Finc 335. A student who fails to earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in the first graded attempt of any of these courses will be disqualified from this exception and be required to complete Math 200 before retaking the course or any other business course with Math 200 as the prerequisite.

Undergraduate Business Program Guidelines for the Evaluation of Previous Coursework

 Student absent for less than three years

If a student has been absent for less than three years as determined by EWU's Admissions Office, evaluation of coursework is not needed. Department chairs and/or faculty advisors may recommend but not require that the student repeat certain courses.

Student absent for three years or more

If the student is absent for three years or more, the business advisors will ask the department chairs to review the student's business program courses. If the chairs determine that there has been substantial content change since the student completed a course, the student will be required to repeat the course.

The department chairs may consider accepting an expired course if the student has recent, relevant work experience that applies to the subject area. Students are responsible for providing the business program with written information detailing this work experience.

Business program requirements that usually do not expire:

Engl 201, Math 200, Econ 200 & 201

Business program requirements that usually expire after five years:

Misc 311 and all Misc major courses

Business program requirements that usually expire after ten years:

Acct 251 & 252, Acct 261, Dsci 245 & 346, Mktg 310, Opsm 330, Finc 335, Mgmt 326, Mgmt 423, Mgmt 490 and all major courses (except Misc major courses which expire after five years)

Recommendations for Accounting majors:

For students beginning the Accounting major, it is recommended that Acct 251 and Acct 252 be repeated if they are three years old or older. For students who have taken accounting major courses, it is recommended that they be repeated if they are five years old or older.

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