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Business Minors

The Accounting minor offers students a strong foundation in different subject matters of the accounting discipline beyond the introductory level. An accounting minor will provide relevant value to future employment for those not wishing to pursue a major in Professional Accounting. Therefore, completion of the accounting minor expands possible career opportunities and increases the student's marketability.

The Business Administration minor is a general business minor which gives students a basic understanding and background in business. It complements many of the degrees Eastern offers and allows students to gain the expertise needed in management and other business functions. Not available to Business (BAB) majors.

The Business Analytics minor is for students who are interested in a high-demand field composed of a hybrid of information systems, applied statistics, management science, data analysis, operations research, consumer behavior, risk management, and decision support.  The focus is on the analysis of data to develop decision models in a business environment. Only available to Business (BAB) majors.

The Data Analytics minor is offered to all non-business students interested in the science of rational decision-making through the study, design and integration of complex situations and systems. This discipline focuses on managerial planning, mathematical modeling, and the use of computer technology to help decision-makers choose from among a set of alternatives in light of all possible consequences. This minor is recommended for students who wish to possess problem-solving skills that can be used to make and implement decisions as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not available to Business (BAB) majors.

The Entrepreneurship minor is designed to help students who  have an idea, a product, an innovation, unique expertise,  or a solution to a real world problem that they want to develop into a new business.  Students will learn about the core challenges facing entrepreneurs and the ways that entrepreneurs think about and approach these challenges.  Courses develop competencies such as how to discover and evaluate new business opportunities, how to pitch and build support for your new business, how to finance the new venture, how to develop a strong business model, and how to craft a powerful business plan. 

The Information Security Management minor provides students with the skills to identify information security management issues. Students will also learn to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of information security management. The minor will teach students to advocate the impact and consequence of potential information security management issues in both professional and non-professional language.

The International Business minor is for business administration majors who want to add a global dimension to their education. As global political lines change and blur, the need for business professionals with an international component to their education increases. This minor prepares students for the ever-increasing challenges of global interdependence and enhances career options in any business area. (Available to Business Majors only)

The Management Information Systems minor provides a basic understanding of microcomputer and local area network operating systems along with an in-depth knowledge of productivity software products. It also provides an understanding of the business applications of these software products and demonstrates their importance in supporting business functions.


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