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Business Major Requirements and Electives

In order to graduate from EWU with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, you will need to complete the classes listed on the Business Administration Core flowchart as well as those from at least one of our major flowcharts.  Please use the charts below as a reference.

Business Administration Core 

(Required for all Business Majors)

 Professional Accounting  provides a foundation for general business administration careers with a focus on developing and communicating financial information to support decision-making. Career options include public, industrial, governmental, not-for-profit and institutional accounting.  

Management Information Systems prepares students to design, implement, and manage business information systems. This major provides background in programming language, software for mainframe and microcomputers, database systems and systems analysis and design.

NOTE: Courses taken for the Business Administration Core can not be double counted toward any of the business majors  

Entrepreneurship introduces students to the entrepreneurial mindset while developing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills necessary to business startup and early growth.  Students will learn to tell a compelling story about their business, to give a powerful pitch, to develop and analyze the value proposition of a business, to develop and refine the business model that will drive growth, to understand the financial processes of startup, and to write a business plan.

Finance prepares students for financial management careers in business, banking, insurance and securities industries - the very heart of business enterprise. Financial professionals work within businesses, with financial institutions and securities markets to meet the needs of business, investors, and consumers.

International Business is for students with career objectives in the management of global business organizations. The major concentrates on the global theories and principles of international economics, management, finance, human resource management and marketing. It focuses on the roles of multinational enterprises in both the host country as well as the world economy.


General Business Option: Students interested in learning the basic theory and principles of management that are crucial to effective organizational performance and communication across business disciplines should consider the General Business option. The student has the opportunity to study management as applied to specific areas, including marketing, finance, operations management and management information systems.

Human Resource Management Option: The Human Resource Management option focuses on tools, techniques and methods used to maximize satisfaction for both the employer and employee. This option applies human resource management and general management theories to the actual management of the human resources of the organization. Topics covered include equal opportunities, safety and health, compensation, training and development, performance appraisal, motivation and job satisfaction and retirement.

Operations Management Option: The Operations Management option is for students interested in the daily management activities of an organization. It prepares students with techniques and objectives to help service oriented and/or manufacturing oriented organizations achieve their objectives. Topics that are covered include productivity measures, demand forecasting, location analysis, layout analysis, process choice, scheduling, quality management and supply chain management.

Marketing deals with market research, product planning, pricing decisions, advertising, sales promotion and sales management. Marketing professionals occupy strategic territory between a firm and its external environment. The marketing program opens dynamic career possibilities in a broad spectrum of industries and services.

Business Education for more information on Business Education, including the steps needed to get started and progress through the program click here.

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