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Bryan Jackson Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Students

Romeo & Juliet, Winter 2010

Bryan Jackson Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Students

This Scholarship has been created by the Washington Alliance for Theatre Education (WATE) for worthy EWU Theatre Students in the name of Bryan Jackson. Bryan (1963-2009) graduated from EWU and was a passionate WATE member and very active in the Spokane Theatre Community. Bryan expressed the desire to become a high school teacher as early as the 10th grade. He pursued this dream by working as a teacher's aide with special needs children while attending college. He joined the Spokane School District in 1990. For the last 14 years of his life, Bryan taught English and Drama at Lewis & Clark High School, serving for several years as head of the LCHS Drama Department.

This will be a very meaningful scholarship for four deserving EWU Theatre Majors (one each year for four consecutive years) and a very special way to remember Bryan Jackson who loved teaching and saw potential in every student. Theatre Scholarship Application Forms are available the first week of April in the Theatre & Film Department Office in RTV 104.

Eastern Washington University Scholarships and Assistantships

Honors Assistantship:

If you have a highschool GPA of 3.6 or above

You may apply to the Eastern Washington University Honors Program. Through this program, talented first year students may be elligible to recieve what is called an Assistantship. An Assistantship is guaranteed campus employment for a year, where up to $2,500 can be earned in their program or department of interest. It is similar to a workstudy award. Also by enrolling in the Honors Program most of your general education requirements are condensed into your first year which is a great advantage for busy theatre students. There are also many more scholarships available through the Honors Program so please visit the Honors Program Webpage or contact Mary Benham for more information:

Mary Benham
(509) 359-2822

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General Scholarships are also available through EWU and an application can be found by visiting the Financial Aid page.

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