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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy


 No more than 15 credits may be taken or transferred in 200-level philosophy classes.  Eastern offers:

  • Critical Thinking (PHIL 210)
  • Introductory Philosophy (PHIL 211)
  • Introductory Ethics (PHIL 212)
  • Moral Issues in America (PHIL 213)
  • Philosophical Voices and Popular Culture (PHIL 214)

Four courses (20 credits) are required:

  • Introduction to Formal Logic (PHIL 301-every Fall)
  • History of Ancient Western Philosophy (PHIL 320-every Fall)
  • History of Modern Western Philosophy (PHIL 321-every Winter)
  • History of Contemporary Western Philosophy (PHIL 322-every Spring)

25 or 40 credits can be taken in a choice of disciplinary electives, including:

  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Biomedical Ethics or Environmental Ethics
  • Women and Philosophy or Women and Ethics
  • Intensive courses on particular philosophers

4 or 5 credit Senior capstone course requirement

What will I study?

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:
• critically analyze, using logic and other tools, the consistency and verifiability of their own beliefs and the beliefs of others, as well as engage in reasoned public deliberation challenging those beliefs;
• understand the main doctrines and evaluate the arguments that underpin the ancient, modern, and contemporary periods of thought;
• offer interpretations of the ideas of major philosophers by showing how they relate to perennial philosophical themes such as: visions of the good life, reality versus appearance, the roles of reason and experience, freedom and morality, etc;
• apply methods for philosophical problem solving by (a) relating theory to practice, (b) evaluating ideas in terms of both generic or universal humanity and perspectival pluralism, and (c) applying normative standards of truth, value and beauty;
• apply philosophical writing styles in writing assignments and research projects that are aimed at extending philosophical inquiry through argumentation and/or comparative studies.


Interesting courses I might take:

  • History of Ancient Western Philosophy
  • Moral Issues in America
  • Women and Philosophy
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