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"Education does not take root in the soul unless one goes deep." Protagoras c.450 BC

The heart of philosophy does not consist in filling the "container mind" with facts, but in shaping the "active mind" so that it ranges widely, penetrates deeply and judges critically. These habits of mind obviously have currency in many career fields and leadership positions. They also foster enlightened citizenship, immunize against hype, and, generally, lengthen the list of things a person can understand and enjoy in living his or her life, whatever specific career path taken.

Philosophy at Eastern

The philosophy program at Eastern offers a set of introductory courses that figure prominently in general education requirements, under-gird the more advanced courses, and address some of the haunting why questions we carry with us from childhood, when we were all philosophizing. Suited to beginners, these courses are ideal for students who are still curious, still exploring, still wondering.

Philosophy at Eastern as everywhere grows out of a sense of questioning wonder and continually asks:

  • What do you mean?
  • How do you know that?
  • Why do you so believe?

You are welcome to join our quest.

What are the degree options?

The philosophy program offers general interest courses centering on arguments in the history of philosophy and a 20-credit minor in philosophy that is an ideal accompaniment to majoring in Psychology, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Government, or Modern Languages. It also offers a BA in Philosophy (45-credit and 60-credit options) and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Philosophical Studies) that combines intermediate and advanced classes in logic and the history of philosophy, with selected offerings from cooperating programs like History, Art, and Women's and Gender Studies.

What can I do with my degree?

Philosophy majors are dynamic players in a wide variety of careers. Philosophy majors often seek advanced degrees for teaching and research, and others go on to careers in law, medicine, and higher education. As critical thinkers trained in the articulation of different paradigms for handling problems, employers appreciate and reward the skills that philosophy majors and minors bring to the table.




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