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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation specialists are involved in helping individuals with disabilities learn the skills necessary to develop satisfying leisure lifestyles. Therapeutic recreation is concerned with the treatment of conditions which are disabling, and the facilitation of independent leisure functioning. Recreation is a tool used by the health professional to bring about desired changes in psychomotor and social behavior.

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6 Things to Know About Recreational Therapists


Application Procedure for Admission

Therapeutic Recreation Application

What will I study?

Course curriculum is set up for the students to learn assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation skills, processess and techniques, as well as leadership and other skills.

Program Curriculum


1500 Hours Form

2018-2019 Internship Manual

HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization)


Interesting courses I might take:

  • Therapeutic recreation for people with disabilities is an exciting class where the students research different types of adaptations for activities to make it possible for anyone to participate, such as seated volleyball, wheelchair basketball or fishing.

What could I do with my degree?

  • As an allied health professional, a therapeutic recreation specialist could work in the following settings:
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation facilities (dealing with head injuries, spinal cord injuries or strokes)
  • mental health hospitals
  • state institutions (for the developmentally disabled, chronic psychiatric or juvenile offenders)
  • group homes
  • camps for disabled individuals
  • long term care facilities
  • treatment centers for substance abusers
  • Beginning salaries are usually comparable to the beginning salaries of public school teachers. Career opportunities are very divergent and are available through the United States.
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