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Personal Training Minor

Personal training is a growing field, and a great career option for students from many fields of study across campus.  Effective communication and business skills, coupled with knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and training theory are requirements for success in this lucrative industry.  Students who complete the Personal Training Minior will acquire the necessary skills to pursue careers in coprporate wellness, commercial fitness centers, private training settings, as adjuncts to many medical facilities, and even to start an independent business.

Program Curriculum

What will I study?

MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing

PHED 334 Personal Training

PHED 350 Physiological Kinesiology

PHED 360 Advanced Personal Training

PHED 333 Group Exercise or PHED 335 Strength Conditioning

CMST 312 Nonverbal Communication or BUED 302 Business Communication

EXSC 388 Field Practicum

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Understand commulnication and rapport building skills
  • Model and teach appropriate exercise technique and progression
  • Exhibit an understanding of program design and progression with varied populations
  • Identify different settings for personal training and coaching opportunities
  • Develop a business plan to direct a future career in personal training

What could I do with my degree?

  • Wellness coaching
  • Corporate fitness opportunities
  • Personal Training: - Commercial gym - Private studio - Personal business
  • Small group training and fitness classes
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