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Experiential Education and Group Facilitation Minor

The Minor in Experiential Education and Group Facilitation addresses the growing experiential education field and the need for trained practitioners within this field.  A student completing the full minor curriculum will gain experience, education and training that is essential as an experiential educator or someone who is looking to incorporate experiential education and group facilitation into their field of study or work.

The minor provides two opportunities for certification:  Challenge Course Practitioner Level I and Leave No Trace Trainer.  All courses for the minor must be completed at EWU; transfer credits will not be accepted for minor completion.  A minimum of 15 credits is required for the minor as well as a minimum of 40 hours of documented facilitation and experiential education experience.

Program Curriculum


Successful completion of the RCLS 335: Challenge Course Practitioner class leads to an EWU Challenge Course Practitioner Certification and qualifies a student to be eligible to work for the EWU PEHR Challenge Course Program (these are paid positions).  Students are welcome to take this class on its own to earn the certification without completing the other course requirements for the minor.


Students who successfully complete the RCLS 355: Leave No Trace Trainer course will become a Leave No Trace Trainer and will receive a completion certificate from the Leave No Trace Center.  Students are welcome to take this class on its own to earn the certification without completing the other course requirements for the minor.

Visit the Challenge Course Experience.

What will I study?

RCLS 220 - Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Services

RCLS 225 - Group Facilitation Techniques

RCLS 335 - Challenge Course Practitioner

RCLS 355 - Leave No Trace Trainer

RCLS 380 - Theory and Practice of Experiential Education

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • understand experiential education and challenge course history, philosophy and foundational concepts
  • model and teach appropriate facilitation skills
  • exhibit an understanding of using group ground initiatives, low and high elements with varied populations
  • model and teach a variety of debriefing techniques
  • learn technical skills for low and high elements
  • understand, demonstrate and teach state of the art minimum impact techniques
  • exhibit ability to analyze, critique and think about how to put experiential education theory into practice

What could I do with my degree?

  • challenge course facilitator
  • challenge course manager
  • zip line/canopy tour facilitator/manager
  • outdoor adventure leadership
  • team building
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