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EWU Language Requirement

EWU Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts degrees

The University requires that all students receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree complete two years of the same language in high school or one year of the same language at the college level (103 level or higher). Any of the languages offered in the Modern Languages Department can fulfill this requirement.

Heritage Speakers of Spanish

The Spanish program offers a course specifically designed for heritage speakers of Spanish (SPAN 312). Successful completion of this course fulfills the EWU language requirement. Students who place into this course and complete it with a minimum grade of 2.5 can also earn a minor in Spanish. 
Students with knowledge of other languages offered through the department can fulfill the requirement by completing 5 credits at the 103 level or higher, depending upon placement by the program advisor.

Speakers of Languages NOT Offered through the Department:

Students who have some proficiency in a language not taught at EWU (e.g. Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, etc.) can satisfy the one-year foreign language requirement by taking a test and scoring at a level deemed by the department chair to be equivalent to the higher end of 103.


The test Modern Languages and Literatures uses is that developed by ACTFL. It includes an oral part (OPIc), and a written part (WPT).  A testing session is organized every month, on a Friday. Tests are proctored by foreign language faculty in Patterson Hall.

To learn about the test and find out which languages are available for testing, check the ACTFL website:



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