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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

Study of the humanities is distinguished by an interest in the human aspect of all knowledge. The humanities are therefore broad in nature and a variety of individual programs can be designed for students who want a non-vocational, liberal arts background.

Each student majoring in humanities is expected to give careful attention to the relationships among the courses chosen for major and supporting purposes and he or she should consult with the program coordinator frequently regarding the most effective means for achieving a synthesis.

The following distribution requirements are expected to meet the needs of most students; other patterns may be developed with approval of the program coordinator. In addition to the courses listed below, individual study of the classical languages, Greek and Latin, may be arranged.

What will I study?

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

• learn to distinguish basic forms and strategies of philosophy, literature and at least one of the arts and of the social sciences;
• recognize significant steps in the development of Western Civilization, not only how values have developed internally, but also the ways in which new values have entered the culture from other civilizations;
• write clear and effective English in a variety of rhetorical contexts;
• use the different areas and functions of a library and demonstrate practical use of information resources in simple but independent research;
• learn how useful interpretations arise from differing experiences and information, especially from those who are different in age, abilities, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation;
• learn the values of intellectual honesty, personal responsibility and the habits of active, rather than passive, learning.

Required Courses
Fine Arts-Select two or three courses from the following (10 credits)
Art Department and/or
Music Department and/or
Theatre Department

Literature-Select two or three courses from the following (10 credits)
English Department and/or
Modern Languages and Literatures Department and/or

Philosophy-Select at least two courses from the following (10 credits)
Department of Philosophy and/or

Social Sciences-Select two or three courses from the following (10 credits)
Geography/Anthropology Department (courses in anthropology) and/or
Economics Department and/or Government Department and/or
History Department and/or Psychology Department and/or Sociology Department

Electives required in the major (20 credits)
Select any humanities courses not used for General Education Core Requirements
These courses may be taken from the participating departments' offerings or from the Humanities program itself. Consult with the program coordinator.

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Fine Arts
  • Literature
  • Philosophy

Interesting courses I might take:

  • Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Nationalism and Racism in Central European Film
  • Masterpieces of the Western World

What could I do with my degree?

  • Teaching
  • The Media
  • Administration
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