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Degree Options

  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

    The Humanities major is planned in a series of individual conferences with the humanities coordinator. It emphasizes the value of a well-rounded education by requiring students to complete at least two courses in each off our areas, fine arts, literature, philosophy, and the social sciences. For their remaining courses (a minimum of four), it allows students to pursue even greater breadth in other university courses, or to concentrate their remaining courses in a single field or discipline (e.g., literature, history, philosophy).

  • Humanities Minor

    Students usually acquire an interest in the religious studies minor after enrolling in HUMN 215, "Introduction to Religion," to fulfill other requirements. HUMN 215 is designed to show the student differing ways of understanding religion and to encourage its serious study. The minor in religious studies includes selected courses from other departments and from a series of specialized seminars.

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