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The Film program prepares students for creative roles in the filmic arts. The 81-credit program provides intensive experience in production and screenwriting as well as film history, theory and criticism. Graduates write a classically structured, feature-length screenplay and complete an advanced production project or a theory/criticism project. A faculty-student panel reviews both the screenplay and the project as a part of the Senior Capstone experience during Spring quarter.


Admission to the program is restricted to Fall quarter.  The Film program requires a very specific sequence of courses, most of which are offered only once a year.  Failure to complete courses as they are offered will result in a significant delay in progress toward graduation. Students should consult with the department chair about the program and its requirements and declare their major status as early as possible, no later than the fall quarter that they begin their major in FILM. Students should complete all, or nearly all, of their GECR courses before beginning the Film program.

To apply for a major status, students should contact the Department Secretary at to set up an appointment with the Department Chair. 

Transfer Requirements for Film

Students must begin the program in the Fall quarter. Students should make application for major status prior to the Fall quarter that they intend to begin their major in FILM and consult with the department chair on transferability of courses.  Transfer students, including students with AA degrees, must complete FILM 214 no later than their first Fall quarter in the program.

Foreign Language Requirements for Film

Two years of a single foreign language in high school or one year of a single foreign language at the college level is required for graduation with a BA major in FILM.



Students enrolled in a production course have access to a variety of industry standard film equipment for use in their projects:

  • 4k and 2.5k production cameras 
  • Camera support tools including tripods, shoulder mounts, lenses, Steadicam  and filters
  • Professional audio tools including mixers, wireless lavalieres, shotgun microphones  and boom poles.
  •  Grip and electric equipment, including a wide variety of professional lights and industry tools for sculpting light.  

14 non-linear editing stations, with the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut and other useful software. As well as two editing suites for advanced post-production including sound design, color correction and Blu-ray/DVD mastering. 


A fully-equipped studio with an overhead lighting grid, 16'x  16' infinite cyclorama wall, and a 12'x   18' green screen is available to students enrolled in a production course.

Screening Room

A state-of-the-art screening room, seating 50, is available for course and student project showings. A second state-of-the-art screening room, seating 30, is also available.


The Department of Theatre and Film operates KEWU-FM (89.5) as a broadcast service for Eastern Washington University and the community. Students may take internships or pursue employment at KEWU.

What are the degree options?

The film major provides intensive experience in production and writing, as well as media theory and criticism. Students are required to write a classically structured, feature-length screenplay and complete a major film/video production or theory/criticism project.

Film minors are offered in Film General, Film Studies, and Screenwriting.

What can I do with my degree?

The Film program prepares students for creative roles in the motion picture and television industry.

The location of the campus in proximity to Spokane, a center of motion picture production, allows students to participate in internship programs in a wide range of communication settings.

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