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English Placement Test

Updated: 1/3/2018

~For Eastern Washington University Use Only

Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to test out of placement made by their ACT, SAT, IELTS or TOEFL score.

The English Placement Test is given to new, current or transferring students who are unable to be placed into a Composition course by using their ACT, SAT, IELTS or TOEFL score.  Please call your advisor regarding placement using an ACT, SAT, IELTS or TOEFL score.

 Students should set up an appointment with their advisor before scheduling an English Placement Test.

*The English Placement Test is not an option for English Language Institute (ELI) students, as ELI will place these students into the appropriate Composition course. Students who are taking or have unsuccessfully completed English 112 cannot take the English Placement Test to forego completing or repeating English 112. 

**If you are a "new" Running Start student who has never taken the English Placement Test contact the Running Start office at (509) 359-6155.


 REGISTRATION (Pre-registration for a test date is required):                    

 Contact Kerri Boyd at 509.359.7064 or by email,

 Running Start students, please call 509.359.6155 to sign up for available test dates each quarter.  If possible, please call ahead when you are unable to keep a scheduled date.          

***The faculty who assess students' tests are unavailable during the weeks of final exams, holidays, spring and winter breaks, as well as five weeks prior to the start of fall quarter. Therefore there are no test dates during these timeframes.



 - Students can pay online through their Eagle Net account (Pay Bill /Optional Charges); or go to Student Financial Services to pay the English Placement Test fee. The Running Start Program covers Running Start students' fees.  Bring the receipt of payment/or Running Start gold sheet, and photo ID to the test site on the scheduled test date.

****There are two locations for Student Financial Services: Sutton Hall - hours of operation are 8am-5pm, M-F, (509) 359-2321; and the Phase I building located at 668 N. Riverpoint Blvd. in Spokane; call for hours of operation, (509) 828-1394/1395.)



The English Placement Test consists of a timed written essay with a prompt provided by the English Composition Program.  Students will have one and one half hours to complete the test.



Test assessment can take up to three weeks. Please plan accordingly for registration purposes. After students complete the English Placement Test, faculty in the English Department will evaluate the test.  Students will be contacted when placement has been determined. Placement into any of the following courses is possible, dependent upon on students' writing skills:

English 112 - Composition for Multilingual Students
English 100 - Fundamentals of English Composition
English 101 - College Composition: Exposition and Argument
English 201 - College Composition: Analysis/Research/Documentation (required of all EWU students to graduate)

 Note:  A passing grade of 2.0 is required to advance to the next course in the series.


Students are allowed to take the test only twice, with a two-week waiting period between test dates.  When both tests result in the same placement, students will be required to start with that English course in the series (see above). Running Start Students should speak to their Running Start Advisor regarding retests.

Payment of the English Placement test fee is required for each test that is taken.


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