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Faculty & Staff

Main Office: 203 Patterson Hall

Composition Program: 229 Patterson Hall

  • Sean W. Agriss
    Sean W. Agriss
    Assistant Professor; Director of Secondary English Education; EWU in the High School Faculty Liaison for English
    Patterson 211T
    Phone: 509.359.6863


    Pedagogy, Teaching Methods, Cultural Studies, and Social Theory


    PhD in Education with emphasis in Cultural Studies and Social Thought, 2011, Washington State University
    Master of Arts in Liberal Arts, 2003, St. Johns College Graduate Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Bachelor of Science in English Education, 2000, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • Matthew Binney, PhD
    Matthew Binney, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Patterson Hall 211N
    Phone: 509.359.7061

    Long 18th century British literature, cosmopolitanism, travel literature, critical theory, moral and political philosophy.


    PhD, 2004, Auburn University

  • Lynn C. Briggs, PhD
    Lynn C. Briggs, PhD
    Professor of English
    Patterson Hall 211P
    Phone: 509.359.6744
  • Polly Buckingham
    Polly Buckingham
    Senior Lecturer
    Patterson Hall 203N
    Phone: 509.359.6022


    Creative Writing (poetry and fiction).


    MFA Creative Writing-Fiction, 2001, Eastern Washington University
    BA Creative Writing, 1989, Eckerd College

  • Teena A. M. Carnegie, PhD
    Teena A. M. Carnegie, PhD
    Patterson Hall 211C
    Phone: 509.359.6037

    Technical Communication and Rhetoric


    University of British Columbia, BA
    University of Waterloo, MA and PhD
    Purdue University Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Kate Crane Ph.D.
    Kate Crane Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    211H Patterson Hall
    Phone: (509) 359-6542
    Fax: 509-359-4269


    Technical Communication, User Experience, User-centered Design, and Rhetoric


    Ph.D. Technical Communication and Rhetoric, 2015, Texas Tech University
    MA English with emaphasis in  Composition and Rhetoric, 2005, Washington State University
    BA English, 2003, Washington State University


  • Dana C. Elder, PhD
    Dana C. Elder, PhD
    Professor and Director of University Honors
    Hargreaves Hall 217
    Phone: 509/359-6305

    Rhetoric, Classical Literature and Philosophy, Writting 


    PhD Rhetoric, Composition, and English Literature, 1985, Washington State University
    MA Comparative Literature, 1975, University of Washington
    BA Spanish Language and Literature, 1973, University of Washington

    • Anthony Flinn, PhD
      Anthony Flinn, PhD
      Professor of English
      Patterson Hall 203M
      Phone: 509.359.4659

      Modern British, American, and Irish Literature, Literary Theory


      PhD English Literature  ,1990, University of Washington
      MA English Literature, 1978, University of Washington
      BA English Literature, 1976, Grennel College

    • Ian Green
      Ian Green
      Assistant Professor of English
    • Logan Greene, PhD
      Logan Greene, PhD
      Associate Professor, Chair
      Patterson Hall 203P
      Phone: 509.359.2400

      Medieval literature, rhetoric, mythology


      PhD in English: Rhetoric and Writing, 2004, University of New Mexico
      MA English: Medieval Studies, 1974, University of Oregon
      BA English Literature, 1972, University of California, Berkeley

    • Reagan Henderson
      Reagan Henderson
      Senior Lecturer
      Patterson Hall 203I


      Composition, Developmental Writing, Drama, and Creative Writing  


      I majored in Drama and in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at UW. These majors led me to playwriting and directing, and I was able to produce several of my own plays on campus. After a few years pursuing "the dream" in Los Angeles, I went to graduate school at Humboldt State in California and got my master's degree in English with an emphasis in composition and rhetoric. During that time, I squeezed in a Secondary Ed California Teaching Credential program and got my certification in English. These two programs gave me valuable experience teaching composition and literature to a wide array of students-- middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, adults, and many non-native speakers.  While teaching, I continued writing nonfiction pieces for the local paper and published a few of my short stories in journals. After teaching part-time in Eureka, CA, I moved back to the state of Washington and began teaching as a lecturer at EWU. 

    • Christopher Howell
      Christopher Howell
      Riverpoint One 425
      Phone: 509.359.4966

      English and Creative Writing


      MFA, 1973, University of Massachusetts
      BA, 1968, Oregon State University
      MA, 1971, Portland State University

    • Jonathan Johnson, PhD
      Jonathan Johnson, PhD
      Patterson Hall 211B
      Phone: 509.359.4969

      Creative Writing (Poetry and Nonfiction)


      PhD, 1997, Western Michigan University
      BA, 1990, Northern Michigan University
      MA, 1992, Northern Michigan University

    • Garrett Kenney, PhD
      Garrett Kenney, PhD
      Professor of English/Religious Studies
      Patterson Hall 229G
      Phone: 509.359.6032

      New Testament Studies, Religious Studies, Humanities


      PhD Educational Leadership, Gonzaga University
      MA Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
      BA Religious Studies, Whitworth University

    • Natalie Kusz
      Natalie Kusz
      Associate Professor, Program Director
      Riverpoint One 425
      Phone: 509.359.4955

      Literary Non-Fiction


      MFA in Creative Writing, University of Alaska Fairbanks
      BA in English, University of Alaska Fairbanks

    • Samuel Ligon
      Samuel Ligon
      Professor of English/Creative Writing
      Riverpoint One 425
      Phone: 509.359.4967

      Literary Fiction, Professional Editing 


      MFA, The New School 
      MA, University of New Hampshire
      BA, University of Illinois

    • Paul Lindholdt, PhD
      Paul Lindholdt, PhD
      Professor of English
      Patterson Hall 203J
      Phone: 509.359.2812
      Fax: 509.359.4269

      American literature, Environmental Studies, Creative Writing


      PhD, 1985, Penn State University
      MA, 1980, Western Washington University
      BA, 1978, Western Washington University

    • Tracey McHenry, PhD
      Tracey McHenry, PhD
      Associate Professor of English
      Patterson Hall 211Q
      Phone: 509.359.2829

      Grammar, Linguistics, English as Second Language, World Englishes


      PhD, Purdue University
      MA English linguistics with specialization in ESL and cultural studies, Purdue University
      BA in English Literature, University of Portland

    • Jamie Tobias Neely
      Jamie Tobias Neely
      Associate Professor of Journalism, Program Director
      Patterson Hall 211F
      Phone: 509.359.7056

      Journalism, News Commentary, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Editing, Column Writing


      MFA, Eastern Washington University
      MA, Gonzaga
      BA, University of Wyoming

    • LaVona L. Reeves, PhD
      LaVona L. Reeves, PhD
      Professor of English and Women's & Gender Studies; MATESL Program Director
      Patterson Hall 211I
      Phone: 509.359.7060

      Teaching English as a Second Language, Linguistics, Women's Literature, Composition, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


      PhD: English/Linguistics and Rhetoric, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
      MA: Languages & Literature (TESOL), Columbia University
      BA: French (History and English emphases), University of Nebraska

    • Elizabeth Rognes
      Elizabeth Rognes
      Patterson Hall 203K
      Academic Interests:

      Composition, Creative Writing, Media Literacy, Classical and Popular Music, Language Acquisition, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory


      MFA Creative Writing, Nonfiction, 2011, Eastern Washington University,

      Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, 2007, Hamline University

      BA Music, 2005, St. Catherine University

    • Kathy Rowley
      Kathy Rowley
      Patterson Hall 211O
      Phone: 209.499.6358

      Composition, Technical Communication, Graphic Design


      MA English: Rhetoric and Teaching Writing, California State University, Stanislaus
      BA Graphic Design, University of the Pacific

    • Grant Smith, PhD
      Grant Smith, PhD
      Professor of English / Humanities Coordinator
      Patterson Hall 229I
      Phone: 509.359.6023

      Humanities, Shakespeare, Classical Literature, Onomastics


      PhD in Renaissance Literature, University of Delaware
      MA in English Language, University of Nevada
      BA in Literature, Reed College

    • Gregory Spatz
      Gregory Spatz
      668 N. Riverpoint #259
      Phone: 509.828-1310

      Literary Fiction


      MFA, University of Iowa Writers Workshop
      MA, University of New Hampshire
      BA, Haverford College

    • Henry-York Steiner, PhD
      Henry-York Steiner, PhD
      Professor of English
      Patterson Hall 229H
      Phone: 509.359.2896

      English Literature Generalist, Religious Studies, Humanities, Classical Literature, Mythology, Folklore


      PhD, 1963, University of Oregon
      MA, 1957, Yale University
      BA, 1956, Grinnell College

    • William Stimson, PhD
      William Stimson, PhD
      Professor of Journalism
      Patterson Hall 211G
      Phone: 509.359.6034

      Journalism, News Reporting, Photojournalism


      PhD History, Washington State University
      MA History, Washington State University
      BA, Eastern Washington University 

    • Rachel Toor
      Rachel Toor
      Riverpoint One 425

      Creative Nonfiction


      MFA, 2006, University of Montana
      BA, 1984, Yale University

    • Beth E. Torgerson, PhD
      Beth E. Torgerson, PhD
      Associate Professor of English; Co-Director of English Secondary Education
      Patterson Hall 211R
      Phone: 509.359.6038

      Victorian Literature, The Brontës, Harriet Martineau, Thomas Hardy, Women and Literature


      PhD English, 2001, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      MA English, 1991, University of New Mexico
      BA English, BA French, 1986, Montana State University

    • Christina A. Valeo, PhD
      Christina A. Valeo, PhD
      Associate Professor of English
      Patterson Hall 211S
      Phone: 509.359.6179

      British Romantic Literature, 19th Century British Literature , English Education, Children's Literature


      MA Teaching English, 1992, Brown University
      BA, 1992, Brown University

    • Philip Weller, PhD
      Philip Weller, PhD
      Patterson Hall 211K
      Phone: 509.359.7057

      Shakespeare, Renaissance English Literature


      PhD in English Literature, 1969, Kent State University
      MA in English Literature, 1965, Washington State University
      BA English, 1963, University of Puget Sound

    • Justin Young, PhD
      Justin Young, PhD
      Associate Professor, Director of English Composition Program & Writers' Center
      Patterson Hall 229A
      Phone: 509.359.7062


      Composition, Literacy, Writing Pedagogy, Digital Composition. 


      PhD, University of Oklahoma 
      MA, City College of New York (CUNY)
      BA, The Evergreen State College

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