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Master of Arts in English with Literature and Writing Emphasis

EWU Masters of Arts in English - Literature and Writing - 

The study of literature, theory, and writing explores patterns of human thought and culture, thus freshly illuminating and challenging how we live, work, think, and engage in the contemporary world.  Through methodical academic research, students can  

  • Strengthen a sense of personal initiative
  • Cultivate advanced problem-solving abilities
  • Discover ways the structure of literature logically extends to issues in the professional world and global community.

A Cohort Model
This two-year program is founded on a cohort model: students are not isolated but mutually supportive, practicing a kind of intellectual teamwork in the midst of shared academic challenges.  In class and through the final thesis project, students have close and persistent access to faculty guidance at each stage of their work.

Course work and Teaching Opportunities

Besides traditional courses in British and American literature and literary theory, we offer studies in pedagogy and rhetoric, as well as innovative cross-disciplinary courses in digital humanities and archival research. All students will have the opportunity to teach, whether through a graduate service appointment (GSA) or a teaching internship either within the English department or at a nearby community college.

What will I study?

For further information about program requirements, please refer to the EWU Catalog.

What could I do with my degree?

  • This program can prepare students for a range of professional career opportunities that require high-level reasoning for complex projects.
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