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Bachelor of Arts in English with Literary Studies Option

Literary studies is a liberal arts program. It often is recommended as a pre-professional program and is the most appropriate concentration for those students hoping to pursue the study of language and literature at the doctoral level. Many students pursue this concentration for personal enrichment or in preparation for other types of careers or professional schools. Literary studies majors are generally successful wherever verbal and analytical skills are important.

What will I study?

Literary studies is a liberal arts program that expands your viewpoints by encouraging you to read and critically analyze texts. The program trains you to hone verbal, analytical and writing skills necessary to articulate persuasive positions on literary texts and cultural practices. These skills will prepare you for a modern, competitive, global and literate marketplace.

Literary studies professors stimulate learning by teaching students to investigate the beliefs, values and aesthetics that permeate literature and, ultimately, shape human sentiments and behaviors. As a literary studies major, you will cultivate an awareness of words and expressions that help you effectively communicate with eloquence. You will develop an analytical and interdisciplinary consciousness, motivating you to expand your understanding of writers, literary periods, cultural beliefs and historical events.

This program will prepare you to pursue a master's or doctoral degree in language and literature. A bachelor's degree in literary studies will also offer you success in many careers and professional schools. Opportunities include: writing, editing, teaching, law school, public relations, politics, political organizing, administration, advertising, broadcasting, medical school, library science, proofreading, speechwriting, journalism, information management, etc.

For current information about program requirements, please see current EWU Catalog.

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