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  • Marilyn Carpenter, Professor Emeritus, Retired
    Marilyn Carpenter, Professor Emeritus, Retired
    Literacy/Curriculum & Instruction

    Welcome to my web page...

     There are resources here for my students at Eastern Washington University as well as teachers and librarians. First, I will introduce myself. My background as an elementary teacher, children's book reviewer and staff developer combines my passions for teaching and reading. I came to Eastern Washington University in 1998. I teach literacy courses, including children's literature and teen literature. I was attracted to EWU by the major in reading for both secondary and elementary preservice teachers.

    Undergraduates who major in reading are well prepared for their teaching careers. I was enriched by graduate work at Claremont Graduate University and the University of Arizona. My Ph.D. studies specialized in children's literature at the University of Arizona in the College of Education's department of Language, Reading and Culture. I received my BA in English and elementary teaching certificate from California State University at Los Angeles. I taught elementary school in both the Los Angeles and Alhambra School Districts. I also spent some years as a Title I Coordinator and Reading Specialist.In addition, I spent the major part of my career as a staff developer. I worked for districts all over the United States providing staff development in literacy, children's literature and thematic, integrative curriculum.

    My family has provided experiences that nurture my understanding and the support that allows me to thrive. My husband, Warren, and I live in Spokane. Our three children, all grown, continue to bring us joy. We have lived in Southern California and Tucson, Arizona. I grew up in Alhambra, California and then after our marriage we lived in Arcadia,California for sixteen years.

    One of my blessings has been the gift of complimentary books from most of the publishers of children's and teen books. Those books have been arriving on my doorstep and now in my office at Eastern Washington University for many years. As I read and evaluate the books, I am pleased to share the gems I discover. This web site is another way for me to spread the news of the best new books that are published for young people each year. Such books exemplify the power of the written word for young people and encourage them to read more.


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