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In-Residence Cross-Cultural Scholarship Award

Commonly Asked Questions

What is AUAP?

The Asia University America Program (AUAP) is a study abroad program for students from Asia University in Tokyo, Japan.  We have two consecutive groups, of approximately 30-90 students, come to EWU each year and stay for five months.  The first group arrives in September and leaves in the beginning of February (Cycle II) and the second group arrives in mid to late February and leaves in July (Cycle I). The purpose of the program is to give Asia University students the opportunity to experience university life in the U.S. and learn about American culture while taking classes in English and earning semester credits from their university.


What does a Scholarship Recipient Look Like?

The In-Residence Cross-Cultural Scholarship recipients have the unique opportunity to enhance their college experience by making international friendships and connects, sharing their culture with others and experiencing America through the eyes of another.  In addition, scholarship recipients are able to enhance their learning by broadening their world view and building cross-cultural communications skills - both important skills for any future career.  Recipients who receive this scholarship will be required to live on campus with an AUAP student (of the same gender) in one of the designated residence halls.  AUAP students generally reside in Pearce, Dressler, Morrison, Streeter and occasionally Anderson Hall.  There are about 15 scholarships available per commitment period. We highly encourage EWU students to apply.

What is the In-Residence Cross-Cultural Scholarship Award?

The scholarship is an EWU housing stipend of $450 which is offered twice a year.  The commitment period for the first scholarship begins in September and continues through the first part of February. The second commitment period begins in the middle of February and continues through to the end of Spring Quarter.

What are the qualifications?

To apply for one of the awards, a student must:

  • be planning to live in the residence halls throughout the duration of the scholarship with AUAP student as his/her roommate.
  • be willing to change residence halls, if needed.
  • be available to spend a minimum of five hours per week with AUAP students, other than his/her roommate.
  • have a minimum 2.5 GPA at EWU, or a 3.25 GPA from high school

Some preference will be given to students who are presently, or have been, AUAP Campus Friends or roommates to AUAP students. However, all interested students are encouraged to apply and will be considered.

What are the requirements of a Scholarship Recipient?

  • Act as a Campus Friend to two or more AUAP students (please direct yourself to the explanation of a Campus Friend located on this website).
  • Live with an AUAP roommate. If the recipient does not currently have an AUAP roommate, they must be willing to move or have an AUAP roommate move in with them.
  • Attend TWO REQUIRED MEETINGS: the first meeting is a general introduction meeting where you will receive information about the scholarship expectations. Recipients will sign a contract at this meeting. The second meeting is a cross-cultural training workshop led by the AUAP Student Services Assistant or an AUAP staff member trained in cross-cultural communication and will help participants develop cross-cultural awareness and learn strategies for effective communication with roommates and Campus Friends.
  • Spend an average of five hours per week with AUAP students (other than your roommate). Recipients will be required to keep track of his or her hours and submit a time log bi-weekly.
  •  Attend at least two AUAP sponsored events.
  •  Volunteer at least once a week in an AUAP class (schedule will be available at a later date).
  •  Help the Student Service Assistant in executing one Campus Friend event with the other scholarship recipients.
  • Assist in the recruitment of people who will act as Campus Friends to AUAP students.

How do I know if I have an AUAP roommate?

If you are not certain your roommate is an AUAP student, then you can either ask your roommate (he or she will know), housing or contact the Student Service Assistant (SSA) by email or phone. (see contact information below)

How do I apply?

If you have answered yes to all of the qualifications, go to Orgsync to apply.

Who should I contact if I have question about being a scholarship recipient?

For more information, please contact:

Student Services Assistant

106A Louise Anderson Hall

Eastern Washington University


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