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Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree

The Art Department offers courses that may be included in an Interdisciplinary master's degree and Art Department faculty may serve on committees for students whose Interdisciplinary program proposals are accepted through the process described elsewhere in this catalog.


The Art Department's Participation in Interdisciplinary Masters Programs: First and foremost-all Interdisciplinary MA applicants must understand that the only terminal degree in Studio Art is the MFA. An MFA is required to teach studio art at levels beyond high school. A PhD is needed to teach Art History and Art Education. (See below)Acceptance into Program: Interdisciplinary MA applicants will have to apply with a portfolio of work in a manner akin to the BFA applicants.
Only programs that offer a graduate degree may be the primary discipline in a graduate interdisciplinary degree program. Art does not offer an MA.

If they are accepted, the Interdisciplinary MA candidates will participate in two quarters of twice quarterly reviews, (i.e., one review by Art faculty and one review by outside professionals each quarter). These reviews are currently listed as ART 470.

During the MA candidate's third and final quarter, s/he will participate in a thesis exhibition and have an oral review by her/his thesis committee which must consist of at least one of their Art faculty. Interdisciplinary MA History and Art: Interdisciplinary MA students in History and Art have a strong record of following the traditional trajectory of the MA preceding the PhD.Interdisciplinary MA in Publishing, Creative Writing and Art: Art courses can constitute a minor discipline for this degree program only based on the determination of the Chair, with input from other faculty if necessary.

All faculty will willingly participate on committees to work with MA candidates accepted into our program


What will I study?

Graduate programs are available through the Master of Education program and the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. For more information on Graduate Programs, please click here:

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