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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree recognizes and identifies a program of professional preparation and achievement accomplished by selected students. The BFA takes precedence over other baccalaureate degrees as a program of conceptual and technical development. Acceptance and recommendation for candidacy for the degree includes both program and portfolio evaluation. The focus is on contemporary art practices and is offered to those who wish to be challenged to grow way beyond their present concerns and awareness.

The Art Department is currently acccepting applications to the 2018-2019 BFA Studio Art Progam.  The BFA Information Session is on April 25, at 1:00 pm in the Art building room 108 and the  application DEADLINE is 5:00 pm, Tuesday, May 8th.  See the PDF link below for  the the 2018-2019 BFA Application.  Hard copies of the 2018-2019 BFA Applications can be located in the hanging file on the wall next to Art rm 124 or in the main office Art rm 140.  All applications and supporting material are to be placed in Art rm 128 (conference room) no later than 5:00 pm, Tuesday, May 8th. 

BFA Application Information

2018-2019 BFA Appliction

Portfolio Requirement:

Students seeking the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are required to submit a portfolio of work for consideration and evaluation prior to acceptance into the BFA program. It is encouraged that the application be made at an early point in the student's college program, and prior to the completion of junior (third year) standing. Portfolios should be submitted two weeks before the end of the quarter before the student expects to begin the program. The senior year includes an intensive studio experience in ART470 Senior Exhibition. This course is to be taken for three consecutive terms prior to graduation. The BFA culminates in a thesis exhibition.

The student will submit 6-10 art pieces (or slides, if work is not available), for review by the faculty. Acceptance into the program requires a 2/3 majority vote by faculty.

Those not accepted must wait at least one quarter and may resubmit again. If disqualified a second time, the student is no longer eligible for the BFA degree. Students MUST be accepted into the BFA prior to enrolling in ART 470 Senior Exhibition.
Requirements for completion of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree:

I. BFA Senior Exhibition

A) Upon acceptance into the program, the student can enroll in ART 470 Senior Exhibition (1 Credit), consisting of a minimum of two quarters of reviews and one quarter of exhibition and oral defense exhibition. Credit will be granted only upon successful completion of the Senior Thesis Exhibition. Normal duration of the BFA program is three quarters, which can extend to two academic years. However, please note that if a student extends their thesis exhibition and orals, the majority of the student?s exhibited work must have been completed during the prior six months. A student will be dropped from the BFA program during any of the three quarters, if the faculty reviews are failed. They may apply for reinstatement after one or more quarter.

B) Permission to have Senior Thesis Exhibition requires a 2/3 majority vote by the faculty review committee at the end of their second quarter of BFA work. Students denied permission to have a Senior Thesis Exhibition will be granted a continuance of one academic year to resubmit work for the Senior Thesis Exhibition.

C) Students are responsible to seek out faculty direction in selecting works for their Senior These Exhibition. This can be done during the review process or separately.

D) Student will schedule the Thesis Exhibition with Gallery Director after being granted permission by faculty to have an exhibition. Specific problems assigned to studio classes are not acceptable material for the Thesis Exhibition.

E) No Senior Thesis Exhibition will be scheduled during the Summer Quarter. A two week block of time at the end of Spring Quarter will be set aside for the exhibition. Exhibitions will be scheduled at the same time in the Gallery of Art, requiring cooperation with all students in regards to number and scale of art works. Any student may seek appropriate exhibition space off campus if work requires it. This must be approved by BFA instructor.

II. Oral Defense of Thesis

A) A BFA Orals Committee will conduct an oral exam during the student's exhibition. This committee will consist of three (3) people, the student?s major professor, one faculty member chosen by the student, and the instructor of Art 470 Senior Exhibition. The student is responsible for organizing the date/time of Orals. The student must contact committee members to assure they know and will show up.

B) Student will submit 10-12 slides of these work to BFA Advisor. These slides will be kept in the library as a resource for students and faculty. Failure to complete the oral requirements will result in the student not receiving the BFA Degree. It is very important to stay on top of the deadlines and requirements.

III. BFA Quarterly Reviews

A) Students will submit a contract of work to be accomplished each quarter. This contract is subject to the approval of the BFA Advisor.

B) Students will keep a note/sketchbook.

C) These will be held on the 5th and 10th week of the 1st and 2nd quarters of ART 470 Senior Exhibition. A third review is strongly recommended during the BFA exhibition quarter, but is not mandatory because some student's exhibits are held during the early weeks of the quarter. The student it responsible to inform the ART 470 instructor if they desire a third review during the third quarter.

D) Because the BFA is a professional degree, designed for serious students desiring and deserving of a wide range of aesthetic input, it is the intent of the Department of Art to invite outside art professionals (usually once per quarter) to participate in the BFA review process during the 10th week of the quarter. These outside professionals will share equally in the evaluations with the EWU faculty. During the 5th week of the quarter, faculty will be invited to review students' work.

E) Students will be told during the 10th week of their second quarter whether or not they are ready for their BFA Exhibition.

F) Work from previous quarters will not be accepted. This BFA program is designed to foster continuous efforts in making art. Work shown at the quarterly reviews must be completed during that quarter. Students should bring their work from the entire quarter to the 10th week outside reviewer's critique.

IV. Grades

A) The student will receive an Incomplete Grade (Y) until successful completion of the Senior Thesis Exhibition, at which time credit will be granted. The final quarter's grade will be based on the usual 4-point system.
The following listing outlines the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program and other courses particular to this degree. The degree also requires the fulfillment of EWU's General Education Core Requirements (GECRs) as outlined in the General Catalog and the quarterly course announcements. The Academic Planning Handbook, available at the Registrar's Office, Sutton Hall, is a handy guide for making sure these requirements are met during your course of study at EWU. Each quarter, work closely with your advisor in planning your degree program.

What will I study?

Required Courses (48 Credits):

ART 107 Basic Design (5) OR ART 307 Design (5)
ART 213 Art in the Humanities (5)
ART 300 Drawing (5)
ART 303 Digital Art I (5)
ART 400 Advanced Drawing (5)
ART 401 Life Drawing (5)
ART 407 Alternative Media (5)
ART 431 History of Contemporary Art (5)
ART 470 Senior Exhibition (1+1+1) (3)
ART 490 Capstone Professional Practices (5)

Select ONE of the following (5 Credits):

ART 310 World Art (5)
ART 415 History of Ancient Art (5)
ART 417 History of Medieval Art (5)
ART 420 History of Renaissance Art (5)
ART 422 History of Baroque/Rococo Art (5)
ART 423 Art of the 19th Century (5)
ART 430 History of Modern Art (5)

Studio Disciplines (40 Credits):

Choose one studio discipline area. You must earn 15 credits at the 400-level from courses within your chosen discipline area. The remaining 25 credits may be earned in 400-level courses from any discipline area.

Note: Advanced courses may be taken up to three times.
Select Electives:  22 Credits (Other Courses to be selected with your advisor)

Note: Art 470 Senior Exhibition (1 Credit) must be enrolled in three times. Exhibitions are held only at the end of Spring Quarter.

Note: This major does not require completion of a minor.

Required program credits:               53 credits
Studio discipline credits:                 25 credits
Second studio discipline credits:    15 credits
Elective credits:                              22 credits
Total credits for BFA Studio:      
115 credits

Please see the link below for more information as well as course descriptions.
EWU Catalog Art Progam and Course Descriptions

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