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Degree Options

  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (75 credits)

    The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered with majors in studio art and art history. Studio art students may select a major and minor in ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture and digital media.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History (62 Credits)

    Bachelor of Arts in Art History

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education

    The Bachelor of Arts in Education degree is offered for students wishing to pursue a career in elementary or secondary art education. Students may choose an area of emphasis or course of study appropriate to their selected grade level.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree recognizes and identifies a program of professional preparation and achievement accomplished by selected students. The BFA takes precedence over other baccalaureate degrees as a program of conceptual and technical development.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (VCD)

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program in graphic design is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a professional career in the applied arts. The program is organized into a four-year sequence of study that provides a solid understanding of graphic design, art and art history. (To inquire about Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication Design please see the department of Engineering & Design)

  • Art Minors

    Art Minors

  • Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree

    The Art Department offers courses that may be included in an interdisciplinary master's degree and Art Department faculty may serve on committees for students whose interdisciplinary program proposals are accepted through the process described in Eastern's catalog.

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