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Fine Arts complex at EWUThe Department of Art offers a curricular program founded on three major concerns:

  1. developing the highest levels of individual artistic performance and professional education;
  2. providing courses for all students which develop cultural understanding and aesthetic appreciation; and
  3. functioning as a center of emphasis and resource for the visual arts in the cultural activities of both the university community and the community at large.

The Department of Art provides programs leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Education, major in Art.

The department also offers a multifaceted gallery and exhibition program with the Gallery of Art as well as an annual Visiting Artist Lecture Series which hosts internationally known artists in forums with our student community.


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What are the degree options?

Apply Program Information:

All degrees in the Department of Art require a capstone course, which brings together the academic, studio and associated courses appropriate to their major. This capstone course is used to help prepare students for life beyond Eastern, helping them prepare resumes, slide portfolios, intellectual papers and helps them to gain knowledge about exhibition practices and other art educational practices. This course is accomplished through ART490 "Professional Practices," ART491 "Senior Thesis," or "Principles of Art Education" in conjunction with the appropriate level methods course, depending upon the degree the student wishes to obtain.

Minimum Grade Standards:

Students applying for degrees in the Art Department will normally be expected to achieve a grade point average in the major of 2.5 or better.

What can I do with my degree?

Art degrees offer many diverse career options.

All art majors are required to have advising at least once a year to assure steady and logical progress toward the completion of major requirements. Students are assigned an advisor through the Art Department office. Students should contact the department secretary to be assigned an advisor. The student's advisor will then act as a mentor in guiding the individual studio and academic programs for the student. The advisor will assist the student fill out a major declaration form that needs to be given to the department secretary, who will submit the completed form to the Office of Records and Registration. (It is also important to note that the Major Declaration form will not be sent if it is missing the required signatures.)

Final approval for all programs rests with the Chair of the Art Department as determined by the current policies and degree requirements of the Art Department, College of Arts and Letters and Eastern Washington University.

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