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Honors Faculty and Office Staff

Dr. Henry-York Steiner has been an integral part of the University Honors Program since its inception.  Dr. Steiner embodies what the Honors Program stands for: Excellence in teaching and a true devotion to the success of each Honors student who goes through our Program.  He also has a wonderful sense of style, which can be seen in this rare photo opportunity!

Honors faculty are drawn from a wide range of EWU departments on a rotating basis.

Dr. Terry MacMullan garnered 2008-2009 Faculty Merit Awards in Teaching, Scholarship/Creative Activity, Service, was chosen as one of EWU's "Professors of the Year," and received the distinguished President's Award. Dr. Dana Elder received a 2008-2009 Faculty Award in Scholarship/Creative Activity. Dr. Garret Kenny received a 2008-2009 Faculty Merit Award for outstanding Service, and Dr. Grant Smith also received a 2008-2009 in Service. Jonathan Johnson received a Faculty award for 2007-2008.

Two Honors faculty received Faculty Merit Awards for the 2006-2007 academic year. Dr. Garret Kenney was recognized for "Outstanding Teaching," and Dr. Terry MacMullan was recognized as "Outstanding" in both "Teaching" and "Scholarship."

Current Honors faculty:

Current Honors Staff

  • Naomi Yavneh Klos, Ph.D. - Special Assistant to the Provost for Honors
    Dr. Yavneh Klos serves the entire Honors Program, working closely with Honors faculty and student groups  to develop curriculum around social justice initiatives and student diversity.
  • Dori Roberts - Coordinator / Academic Advisor
    Dori coordinates the Honors application and scholarship process and provides advising for Freshmen, Transfer, and Departmental Honors students.
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